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What is OptiWize Collagen Plus?

Repairs Restores Protects

10-All natural ingredients formulate a premier supplement for: joint, tendon, ligament, organ and connective tissue health.

10-All-Natural Ingredients

  • Omega 3

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Green Lipped Mussel


    Gamma Oryzanol

  • Hydrolized Collagen Type II

    Glucosamine Sulfate

    Vitamin C


    Chondroitin Sulfate

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  • Mackenzie Mayes

  • Kelton Mason

  • Mayce Marek

  • Ripley Bellio

  • Laina Summers

  • Clay Reynolds

Listen to Mackenzie Mayes healing her mare 70% faster with OptiWize Collagen Plus

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Kelton tells us why OptiWize stays in his programming fitting, prepping and hauling to shows local and big major shows he is proving great outcomes for gastro, joint and connective tissue health. Show safe formula with a happiness guarantee.

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Team roper and goat tying champion Mayce Marek chats about OptiWize Collagen Plus

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Ripley shares why she trusts OptiWize Collagen Plus with their performance stock.

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Therapy Corner Store and Laina Summers of Bay view Showjumping
Laina Summers reviews and shares her stories of using OptiWize Equine Collagen Plus.

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Clay shares his experiences of OptiWize Collagen Plus in his equine and stock dog performance program.

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“This product has been a game changer. I have never felt such a tangible difference in my horse’s way of going from a joint supplement. My guy comes out even, loose and feeling his best every day. Gone are the stiff or tight rides at the end of the week, or after a big jump school. I’ve replaced 3 other products with this!” -Carrie Antonelli

Carrie Antonelli

Louie, my 8 year old black Lab loves it! I also think it's helped with his stiffness. I too think that a chewable would be nice, but Louie doesn't mind the powder. Thank you for this product!

Lindsey Brown

I started this supplement about a month ago. So far I like what I am seeing and am reordering !!

Felicia Branz

This product has kept our show barn on track! This is a must have in both the lamb and goat barn - before recommending a product or considering becoming a dealer we always want to see the results for ourselves...this is a product for the WIN!!

Carla Newsom

Truly remarkable. Started our two studs on this having used what we've considered the best joint supplement for many years (having tested all). These two are 25 & 33YO. The changes in less than 2 weeks are amazing. It might be expensive, but it's worth it!!

John Hall

After seeing the amazing results with my senior dog. I started to tell all my clients about this new supplement! As an equine therapist I see a lot of soft tissue and structural injuries. Its amazing to so the unhealed chronic injuries, arthritic joints and cases of extreme stiffness turn around so quickly. It was shocking to my clients of how fast it started working. Riders feeling and seeing the differences in their horses. Their performance is improving, their getting more out of their training sessions, their building muscle, it’s just so exciting to get their feedback! I have a vet that wanted to try it out on one of her new horses that’s in training to be a jumper and 2 weeks later she’s raving about her results and wants to put her whole crew on the supplement! Thank you for this amazing product my clients love it!!


My guy has been on this for about 3 weeks now. He normally won't eat new supplements but he is eating this one so far and is moving pretty nicely on it at 17 yrs old.

Danielle Silvester

We will feed this to every pig from now on. Keep them moving like they should before a problem even starts.

Baden Shackelford

Just started to use have a lot of faith in this my horse suffers from laminitis


I love the quality and quantity of ingredients in the Optiwize supplement. However, I wish the pet formula was in a chewable form instead of a powder.

Beth Evans

My 19 year old gelding has some arthritis issues, and this product has eliminated the need for hock injections! I’ve had him on the supplement for about a month and have seen so much improvement in his movement! Thank you


We use it on our swine projects and we love it

Madalynn Nixon

My barrel mare started to develop arthritis in her back hock. Took her to get X-rays and an ultrasound and showed the bones rubbing together and while we thought time off was a good idea, it made it worse. Once i got her back into riding i started her on this supplement. After just a months supply, she’s back to her old self and with no pain or limp. Very thankful for how well this product works and will continue to use it for sure!!!

Sandra Fisher

I have raised many Dobermans, this is the fastest I have ever seen the ears stand. the looked amazing even at only 4 weeks post surgery. Here is an image of him at 7 weeks. The cartilage in the ears is so very structured now I am amazed. I will recommend this product to my breeder friends as well.

Derek C.

We have used this product for our performance horse, Alice, coming back from an injury. Our vets were shocked at her progress after being on the product for 8 weeks. She is starting back in work now, ahead of schedule, and is stronger than predicted at this point in her recovery!

Nadia Postupna

This particular barrow started showing signs of weakening pasterns. We started him on this when he was about three months old and within a few weeks we could see a marked improvement in his pasterns. We kept him on the product the entire time until show, and he was never once lame. We will definitely be keeping this a part of our feeding program for all of our show swine.

James Steglich

Hi! my name is Lindsay Schulz professional barrel racer, futurity horse trainer... I started my journey last year, after I started seeing amazing results via videos.. always looking for a product that will produce results, but results aren't always produced... but, this product delivers! nice to know that I can enter an arena whether on the young guns or my top guns and know that their joints are taking care of with proper vet care and supplementation! Thank you Jaime!!

lindsay Schulz

This is an amazing product. I have all my show horses at Innovation Arabians on this product with extremely impressive results.

Susan Shea

Amazing results!! finally putting weight on bad leg and he’s only been taking this stuff for a month.


We are currently using this product to treat a variety of injuries in our performance horses. *Bone spur and remodeling in an upcoming futurity horse. *Recent Soft Tissue strain *Navicular, DTF tearing, and arthritis. Thank you!


I have been using this for 2 half months now if you want your horse to feel smoother this will work for you. Dart has been doing great at big shows on this product and all off the other horses have too.

Jimmy Bryant

I have had a wonderful experience with this amazing product. I started out with the product on my 17 year old gelding that is my number one goat tying horse as well as a breakaway horse. Last year in March he partially tore his back right suspensory while competing at the patriot and after that just never traveled quite right. Being older and already not quite as sound I decided try it, and in just a couple months I saw a huge difference. The length of his stride, the feel of his trot and lope was 100x better, and he got right back to loving his job. I have now introduced the product to a couple other horses that are up in age and I feel that it has taken 5 years off!

Mayce Marek

Alden Corrigan Media "This product has been fundamental to my horses recoveries over the past year. Not only has it helped to shorten the duration of their rehabilitations, it has also improved the overall appearance and well being of every horse receiving it. Such positive results have even made my vet a believer.  Injury is sometimes an unfortunate part of being an athlete, but with this product I know that my horses are getting the best joint support possible." Quinn Partridge of Thumbs up farm -Wonderland is the horse

Casey Sorita

This product has been a game changer for many of our horses. This supplement has helped heal and maintain different injuries and soundness issues. I highly recommend it! -Amy Coelho


My horse has been on this product for 3 weeks. Already I have seen improvement. He is a 3 year old race horse. I am very happy with results. I am starting another horse on it this week. Thank you so much!

Kim Roth

Loved this product, has my 20 year old flag horse moving much more fluent.

Chris Trone

I really love this product! I'm a horse trainer for racing horses, and I've noticed my horse more comfortable. Definitely buying more soon.

J Eladio

I have used several supplements over the years to only be disappointed. I was very hesitant to try this product but thought it was worth a try! I talked in depth to my rep and decided to give it a shot! My sons older show gelding was needing injections in the stifles and hocks every 4 months. The difference I’ve seen in 3 months on this product is incredible. I tried on an old lesson mare....in 15 days she was bucking with lesson kiddos! This was a walk trot mare. She might make it back to the show pen! I’m a believer!


I started my horse Bling on this product two months ago. He is 14 and has arthritis from a previous injury, so I felt he needed more support. A friend recommended this product and I gave it a try. All I can say is WOW. I was so impressed with the way he felt right out of the stall, that I started my 19 year old on it also. Got a call from my trainer yesterday and she said he looks GREAT too. I would definitely recommend.

Mikie Shepler

Miles my gelding 27 years old ex race horse has been plague with arthritis most of his adult life On and off his good not good so I’ve try just about everything out there ! Then I read about this product so here we are 3 weeks later he’s not perfect he may never be But I can see obvious changes on him demeanor posture are all positives sign we heading the right way at the moment his arthritis been diagnosed at Grade 3 plus some rinbone so I’ll stay the course and post again about him I am hopeful this may be the one product that will give him a few more years that’s all I want for him to be happy


I have used several supplements over the years to only be disappointed. I was very hesitant to try this product but thought it was worth a try! I talked in depth to my rep Rachel Cleary and decided to give it a shot! My sons older show gelding was needing injections in the stifles and hocks every 4 months. The difference I’ve seen in 3 months on this product is incredible. I tried on an old lesson mare....in 15 days she was bucking due to feeling so good with lesson kiddos! This was a walk trot mare. She might make it back to the show pen! I’m a believer!

Karen Plemons

I started my barrel horse on this 3 months ago because of an old tendon injury. I feel it has made a difference and it is really helping his joints. I highly recommend this product and I will continue to use it. I also had a show pig that was showing signs of lameness and I used this product on him and it made a big difference as well. Great product!


This product is awesome my daughters barrel horse has been showing improvements everyday with feeding him this product! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is having soundness issues.

Jessica Tappan

I have 2 horses on this with nasty scar tissue build up in damaged joints, and my Vet is impressed with the improvements over the past 6 weeks. I will continue to use!

Nancy Chance

So far I have been very pleased with and will continue using for my horses.

Kelly Boccia

This is an amazing product that helped make a banner possible for this one. We used the entire feeding cycle.

Baden Shackelford

I have seen great results so far with my gelding on this product. We are about to start our second container. He has been plagued with stifle issues for almost 2 years. He is riding smoother and not holding fluid on the stifle so far. I will keep him on the product and curious how our next vet follow up will go. He is also VERY picky about eating and has not had an issue eating it at all. I have even quit feeding the Succeed with no issues. What a relief!!!!


I have used other products before but with product my horses are doing amazing. I love this product even my picky eater eats it.

Bonnie Christian

I think this product has definitely helped my show horse in ways nothing else has! He now feels like a whole new horse under me!

London lowrey

My 21 year old mare Molly has been struggling with a muscle injury in her rear hip for over a year. I have tried many different products but this one is the first to make any difference. I am excited to see how much improvement she can make with continued use. She is a barrel horse and would love to see her return to competition - she misses being on the trailer!!

Mari Kilpatrick

All of horses are all off the quarter horse race tracks They came with so many issues. Poor quality of hoofs-thin soles-underrun heels- negative palmers angles- and all the things that go with those issues!! As well as one of them having a bone spur on one of his stifles that was undiagnosed until recently. I’ve been using this supplement for a very short time just now needing to reorder. The quality of hoof and their soles has increased in depth (from paper thin) and durability! In such a short time! I wish I had been able to use this product years ago!! What a treasure to see your horses go from ouch to moving like they are floating over the ground! I have another couple of months before I can do the after x-ray for the bone spur but I see so much improvement I’m sooooo excited!!! Please know that these horses have had high quality care since I got them. Used the best lameness sports vets- Used several modalities; Micro-current, light therapy, Trigger point, acupuncture, PEMF- and so on! As needed. I did the usual injections- adaquan, Legend, polyglycan, and Pentosan. They are x-rayed and ultrasound etc. This product has so increased the quality of their lives amazingly!!!

Pat Robertson

“3 Banners in 1 season with this awesome product. My sons Chester was left standing in the ring in October because she couldn’t stride out and locked up. We immediately started her on it. She went on to Win Breed Champion Chester at San Antonio and Reserve Supreme Overall at the Houston gilt show. I have since decided to start my horse on it as well its amazing!”

Lyndi West

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