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  • Supports Joint Health
    Promotes mobility and flexibility
    Supports healthy cartilage
    Reduces joint stiffness
    Supports healthy Inflammation response

  • Improves Joint Stability
    Accelerates Recovery
    Soft and Connective Tissue Support
    Replenishes Collagen
    Hair, Skin and Nails

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  • Jack Rose

  • Ripley Belio

  • Sarah Anderson

  • Braden Pirring

Jack was in excruciating back pain post surgeries. Have a listen at how implementing OptiWize accelerated recovery post-surgery and how he is religious about using it.

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Ripley Balio talks about her experience using OptiWize Human Line

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Sarah is Owner/ Creator at Buckaroo Cowgirl Creations and Owner/Manager/CEO at The Bougie Bay, she talks about her experience with OptiWize

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Braden Pirring champion PRCA team roper uses OptiWize for an equine fractured Coffin bone.


More From Our Customers

I started this supplement about a month ago. So far I like what I am seeing and am reordering !!

Felicia Branz

I had used optiwize on my rope horse that had epm really bad and man it made a huge difference in him so I finally decided to order the human line once my bad elbow started hurting again. I have been taking the supplement for 6 days now, 6 pills 2x/d and I don’t hurt near as bad when i get out of bed nor do I feel miserable at the end of a long day! I 100% think it is helping with my elbow that has some major bone spurs and joint space narrowing.

Julie Riner

After having Covid in January, I was experiencing hair loss terribly. All my horses are on OptiWize and here they came with the human formula just in time! I had increased hair growth(little baby hairs coming up all over), noticeably less wrinkles on my chest and face and my used up knees and hips weren’t needing Naproxen daily!! Couldn’t be happier with my results.

Amanda Sutton

Within days could see a difference in my joints. Less pain and get better daily!!

Austin Hanna

Hi ! I'm 60 years old and for a long time I had problems with serious pain in my hips, knees and feet and had to take painkillers twice a day. After only three weeks since I started using the supplements, I have almost no pain in my hips and knees, and the pain in my feet is significantly reduced, so now I take just one painkiller on every 3 days, which is a huge change! I was hoping that the supplements would help me, but I didn't expect progress this quickly! The days have become much easier, I continue to take them regularly, because I have to be very physically active because of my job. I'm so so thankful to OptiWize!

Danna Tesich

I was skeptical at first, but the amount of aches and pains that went away since starting this product has been incredible! Highly recommend

Kathryn Jochems

I have been using Opti Wize for 3 months now and am amazed at how much better my knee feels. I have severe arthritis in my knee and have had difficulty walking, and it was only getting worse. A brace has not helped! Since taking Opti Wize I am able to walk more with less pain and use my cane less. I am so grateful I found this product! Laurie

Laurie Hewitt