Equine Consult

  • Trotting Video

    Trotting Video

    Please upload a video of your horse trotting in a circle 20-30 seconds both ways from the center. Have phone sideways and make sure the entire horse is in the frame for the full video.

  • Diagnositcs


    Please upload any diagnostics you have (ultrasounds, radiographs, MRI, etc).

  • Hoof Pictures

    Hoof Pictures

    Please provide pictures of your horses hoof's one from the side and one from the front. From knee / hock down.

Please answer all the following questions.

1- Age of animal?

2- Weight of animal?

3- Type of injury or lameness?

4- How long has it been going on / when did the injury happen?

5- What treatments / medications / supplements have you tried?

You must include all the above (videos, pictures, and questions answers) to receive a complete dosage consult. Please make the subject line - Your first and last name, animals name and the word consult.

Complimentary Consult Submission

Please email all the above to soundnesssolutions@hotmail.com and megan@optiwizehealth.com. Please have your first and last name, your animals name, and the word consult in the email subject line. Thank you!