Navigating the Show Circuit: A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling with Show Stock

Navigating the Show Circuit: A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling with Show Stock

The world of livestock shows is a vibrant and competitive one, where exhibitors strive to showcase the best of their carefully bred animals. For those deeply involved in the show stock industry, hitting the road to attend various livestock shows is a way of life. Whether it's exhibiting prized cattle, hogs, sheep, or other animals, the journey from one show to another is a crucial aspect of the show circuit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricate details of traveling with show stock, exploring the challenges, best practices, and tips that can make the journey smoother for both the exhibitor and the animals.


Effects Traveling Can Have on Livestock:

  • Joint stiffness: Joint stiffness is a common concern among showmen and livestock exhibitors when it comes to the effects of traveling on their prized animals. The extended periods of confinement and constant motion during transportation can contribute to stiffness in the joints, impacting the overall well-being and performance of show stock.
  • Swelling: During transit, the restricted space within trailers limits the animal's ability to move freely, hindering their natural range of motion. The continuous vibrations and impacts from the road can result in joint compression and inflammation. Over time, this continuous stress on the joints can contribute to inflammation and reduced range of motion.
  • Gut Health: Stress during travel significantly impacts the gut health of livestock, necessitating careful consideration by exhibitors. The anxiety and disruption caused by transportation can lead to digestive disturbances and overall well-being. Stress-induced changes in gut flora may contribute to diarrhea and reduced feed efficiency.

How to Keep Your Show Stock Comfortable While Traveling:

Incorporating OptiWize into your show program and help alleviate some of the effects that traveling has on your show stock. OptiWize can decrease inflammation in joints that may come up because of frequent travel. OptiWize will help provide the body what it needs to keep healthy joint fluid, so helping decrease and joint stiffness that comes from hauling. Not only can OptiWize help with the joints, tendons, and ligaments, but can help promote a protective lining and promote gut health.

Mitigating the effects of travel on show stock requires careful planning and attention to detail. Adequate hydration is key, so ensure that the animals have access to clean water throughout the journey. Consider offering electrolytes to help replenish lost minerals and maintain hydration levels. Regular breaks during long trips allow the animals to stretch their legs, reducing the risk of stiffness and fatigue.


Traveling with show stock is an art that requires a delicate balance between the thrill of competition and the responsibility of caring for living beings. It's more than just a journey; it's a critical aspect of the show circuit that demands attention to detail, compassion, and a deep understanding of animal welfare. By investing time in proper planning, selecting the right equipment, and prioritizing the comfort and well-being of the show stock, exhibitors can ensure that their animals arrive at the next show not only in top physical condition but also mentally prepared to shine in the show ring. The road to success in the show stock industry is paved with thoughtful care and a commitment to the health and happiness of these remarkable animals.

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